Computers Belt Loop

Computers Belt Loop for Cub Scouts

The October Pack meeting tips recommends the Computers belt loop and pin from the Cub Scout Academics and Sports Program as a feature for this month. The Computers belt loop is really easy for Cub Scouts to earn.

Earning this belt loop as a Webelos Scout meets requirement 14 for the Webelos Communicator activity badge.

If you have a laptop, you can easily do requirements 1 and 2 at a meeting. My Scouts have always been able to tell me about something they printed at home or school for requirement 3.

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Computers Belt Loop

Complete these three requirements:
  1. Explain the parts of a personal computer: central processing unit (CPU), monitor, keyboard, mouse, modem, and printer.
  2. Demonstrate how to start up and shut down a personal computer properly.
  3. Use your computer to prepare and print a document.
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