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Help for Boy Scout Early Rank Requirements

Boy Scouts working on their Tenderfoot, Second Class, and First Class ranks might want to check out the early rank requirements videos from the BSA. These videos give step by step instructions for all of the requirements for these three ranks.

I don’t think these videos should serve as a replacement for instruction within the troop, but they will help a scout prepare ahead of time or give additional help if he is having difficulty learning a skill. Troop Instructors might also find these videos helpful when preparing to teach younger scouts a skill.

You can also download the videos as a podcast. I believe they are also still available on DVD at your local Scout Shop.

(One note – I have trouble viewing these online videos with the Internet Explorer browser. No problems with Google Chrome though. So if you have trouble, try viewing them with a different browser. )

To view the videos:

  1. Go to the Early Rank Requirement Videos page
  2. Click on the badge for the rank you are working on
  3. A list of requirements for the rank will appear below the badges
  4. Select the specific requirement you are working on from the list
  5. The video should begin playing on the right. If it does not, make sure your browser is not waiting for permission to run the video.
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