Bear Salmon Run

Bear Elective Adventure Requirements: Salmon Run

This is a preview of the changes to the Cub Scout program which go into effect on June 1 2015. See the BSA Program Updates page for complete information.

Salmon Run is one of the Bear elective adventures. For the Salmon Run adventure, Bears learn swimming and boating safety rules and then go have fun in the water.

The requirement for this adventure are shown below. Upon completion of this adventure, Bears will receive a belt loop.

Requirements for the Salmon Run Bear Adventure

  1. Explain the safety rules that you need to follow before participating in boating.
  2. Identify the equipment needed when going boating.
  3. Demonstrate correct rowing or paddling form. Explain how rowing and canoeing are good exercise.
  4. Explain the importance of response personnel or lifeguards in a swimming area.
  5. Show how to do both a reach rescue and a throw rescue.
  6. Visit a local pool or swimming area with your den or family.
  7. Demonstrate the front crawl swim stroke to your den or family.
  8. Name the three swimming ability groups for the Boy Scouts of America.
  9. Attempt the BSA beginner swimmer classification.
Get a printable checkoff list of these requirements for use with your den.

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  1. Samantha April 4, 2016 at 4:00 PM #

    Question on Salmon Run. Requirement 9 says to attempt the test under the supervision of a lifeguard. Is the lifeguard necessary or can it be a qualified parent instead?

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