Bear Marble Madness

Bear Elective Adventure Requirements: Marble Madness

This is a preview of the changes to the Cub Scout program which go into effect on June 1 2015. See the BSA Program Updates page for complete information.

Marble Madness is one of the Bear elective adventures. For the Marble Madness adventure, Bears learn all about marbles and play a variety of games with them, from ringer to marble mazes.

The requirement for this adventure are shown below. Upon completion of this adventure, Bears will receive a belt loop.

Requirements for the Marble Madness Bear Adventure

  1. Discuss with your family and den the history of marbles, such as where and when the game began. Talk about the different sizes of marbles and what they are made of and used for.
  2. Learn about three different marble games, and learn to play the marble game “ringer.” Learn how to keep score. Learn and follow the rules of the game. Play the game with your family, friends, or your den.
  3. Learn four or five words that are used when talking about marbles. Tell what each of the words means and how it relates to playing marbles. Share this information with your den.
  4. With the help of an adult, make a marble bag to hold marbles.
  5. With your den or family, make a marble obstacle course or marble golf course. Share what you create. Invite everyone to go through your course.
  6. Create your own game using marbles, and design rules for playing the game. Share the game you created with your den, family, or friends. Explain the rules and how to play the game.
  7. With your den or family, create a marble race track. Have at least two lanes so you can race your favorite marbles against each other.
  8. Make a marble maze.
Get a printable checkoff list of these requirements for use with your den.

2 Responses to Bear Elective Adventure Requirements: Marble Madness

  1. Nathaniel Hardman March 2, 2016 at 4:16 PM #

    Any suggestions on how to do requirement 7? I’m struggling to come up with ways to create a marble racetrack with two lanes that isn’t super involved for me or takes materials I don’t have. Interested to see how others have done this. Thanks!

  2. Sandra House March 17, 2016 at 11:33 AM #

    You can easily make a marble track using cardboard strips or paper towel tubes attached to a larger piece of cardboard, plywood, or the top of a folding table. Prop up the cardboard or plywood, or extend the legs on just one side of the folding table to create a slanted surface. Attach the cardboard strips or paper towel tubes (cut in half lengthwise or not as you desire) with packing tape or duct tape. Place a shallow box or large, folded towel at the bottom to catch the marbles.

    If you have lengths of PVC pipe laying around, they work well, too. Pool noodles split lengthwise are another option. Wrapping paper tubes are also a good choice.

    As always, ask parents and Scouts for materials and ideas!

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