Baseball Belt Loop

Baseball Belt Loop for Cub Scouts

I really didn’t know about the Cub Scout Academics and Sports program until DS was almost a Bear. This is a great supplemental program. Cubs should work on their rank badges first, but this program lets them focus on what they are good at and receive recognition for it. If your Cubs play baseball, they have probably almost earned their baseball belt loop. So if the parents in your den aren’t familiar with this beltloop, this is a great time to introduce them to it.

The beltloops are meant to be worn on the official uniform belt. Some of the Cubs in ZM’s dens have earned so many that they don’t have any more room on their belts. This is a good thing.  It keeps them interested in the program and helps them realize that whatever they excel at is important to us.

In addition to being a supplemental recognition for Tigers, Wolves, and Bears, the earning the baseball beltloop can be used to fulfill requirement 4 for the Sportsman activity badge for Webelos.

Printable copy of Baseball Belt Loop and Pin Requirements

Baseball Belt Loop Requirements

  1. Explain the rules of baseball to your leader or adult partner.
  2. In three separate sessions, spend at least 30 minutes practicing baseball skills.
  3. Participate in a baseball game.
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