Archery Belt Loop

Archery Belt Loop for Cub Scouts

According to the age-appropriate guidelines in the Guide to Safe Scouting, Cub Scouts can only participate in archery at council or district programs.  So you can’t plan a pack archery outing. But if a local council or district day camp, resident camp, or council managed family camping programs offers archery, your Cub Scouts might get to work on their archery belt loop from the Cub Scout Academics and Sports program.

Archery Belt Loop

Complete these three requirements:

  1. Explain the rules for safe archery that you have learned in the district/council camp or activity you are attending with your leader or adult partner.
  2. Demonstrate to your leader or adult partner good archery shooting techniques, including the stance and how to nock the arrow, establish the bow, draw, aim, release, follow-through and retrieve arrows.
  3. Practice shooting at your district or council camp for the time allowed.
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