Cotton Swab Snowflakes

Cotton Swab Snowflake Craft

Cub Scouts can make a winter decoration to hang in front of their windows with this craft. You don’t need a lot of fancy materials to make these and they can be put together pretty quickly, so these could be done at a pack meeting or den meeting.

This craft fits in well with the Winter Wonderland theme for this month. I also thought that this would fit in well with the Mathematics belt loop and pin. Although it doesn’t fit directly with any of the requirements, it would be a fun way to explore some geometry concepts.

Cotton Swab Snowflake Craft

Materials (per snowflake)


  1. Arrange the cotton swabs on the wax paper in a geometric pattern. See the photo for examples.
  2. Use some glue to attach the end of the swabs together.
  3. Let dry. (If you make them at a meeting, you might need to have a piece of cardboard underneath so they can carry them home to dry.)
  4. Carefully lift from wax paper. If it sticks a little, just leave some bits of wax paper attached.
  5. Attach a piece of mono-filament line to hang the snowflake as a decoration.

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