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BSA Webelos Den Meeting Plan 5 – Citizen

BSA provides den meeting plans for den leader on the Scouting.org website. Today, I am going to go through the fifth Webelos plan. If you don’t already have the BSA den meeting plans, download BSA Webelos Den Meeting Plan 5 to follow along with this article.

This meeting plan starts the Citizen activity badge. This is an important meeting, since Citizen is required for the Webelos badge. You can find additional helps for the Citizen activity badge on my Citizen Activity Badge Page, including an alternate two part meeting plan for completing the badge. Additional helps are shown on the right side of this page also.

These plans are meant to be done in order, so do the previous plans first.

BSA Webelos Den Meeting Plan 5 – Citizen

Preparation and Before the Meeting

You will definitely need the flag (or flags), the posterboard, and markers. Also, note that you are going to have to do a service project. Our pack participates in Scouting for Food every November, so we used this as our service project.


For this meeting, I would have them make a poster about things they can do to be a good citizen. The plan has this as an activity later in the meeting, but considering everything you have to accomplish in the meeting, you might never get to it. Alternatively, you can use my Constitution Word Search Puzzle or there are other possibilities on my puzzles page, my crafts page, and my games page .


You can just do a simple indoor flag ceremony. Or raise a flag now and lower it at the end of the meeting. Remember, each of the Webelos in you den needs to lead a flag ceremony.


Always keep this part brief.


First you will be doing the Citizenship Character Connection. It is a good idea to do this first. I always like to do the quieter discussion activities at the beginning of the meeting.

Next, you will talk about the rights and duties of US citizens. My dens always liked talking, and I enjoyed hearing their take on some of their rights.

You should use your flag to show the different ways to display it and to fold it. Hopefully your meeting place has a flagpole so you can actually practice raising and lowering the flag. You can also talk about how to retire a flag.

When ZM’s den did Citizen, we actually retired a couple flags. It was definitely the highlight of the badge. With all of the talking in this meeting, you might want to try to do an actual retirement if you have a worn flag.  If you have a parent get a really hot fire ready in a small pit outside, you can do the retirement in a reasonable amount of time as a closing for the meeting.  If you don’t have something to make the fire in (like a small kettle style pit) then check with your Boy Scout troop.

Finally, you will work on the requirements for the Citizenship belt loop. Each Webelos Scout must keep track of his chores around the house for that. Here is a chore chart you can use or print out the one from the helps. Each Webelos also needs to make a poster for the belt loop. There is a lot packed into this meeting, so as the plan says you might run out of time. That is why I put this in the Gathering part of the meeting.


Close with a closing flag ceremony. If you raised the flag on a flagpole earlier, this would be a good time to take it down.

After the Meeting

Another meeting finished! Don’t forget to recruit some help from the other parents for the next meeting. You shouldn’t have to do everything yourself.

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