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Historical Merit Badges | Carpentry

Carpentry is another of the historical merit badges which is only being offered this year. This is also a very achievable merit badge for most Scouts. It only requires one project.

The Scouter who founded our unit continues to stay registered with us as our Chartered Organization Rep. In fact he was the Scoutmaster for the father of one of our current Scouts. He mentioned that he was thinking about  signing up as a counselor for this badge and doing it with any from the Troop who are interested. I think that would be great because our Scouts might also learn some Troop history from him while earning this historical badge.

Carpentry Merit Badge Requirements

  1. Demonstrate the use of the rule, square, level, plumb-line, mitre, chalk-line and bevel.
  2. Demonstrate the proper way to drive, set, and clinch a nail, draw a spike with a claw-hammer, and to join two pieces of wood with screws.
  3. Show correct use of the cross-cut saw and of the rip-saw.
  4. Show how to plane the edge, end and the broad surface of a board.
  5. Demonstrate how to lay shingles.
  6. Make a simple article of furniture for practical use in the home or on the home grounds, finished in a workmanlike manner, all work to be done without assistance.
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