Your Living World – Printable Match Puzzle and Key

When DS’s den were Wolves, I made a match puzzle to help with Wolf Achievement 7 – Your Living World. I used it with Requirement f: Besides recycling, there are other ways to save energy. List three ways you can save energy, and do them.

This den always has a rough time with straight discussions, but if I can use a game or a puzzle they seem to enjoy it more. So we used the puzzle as a starting point for our discussion. Use the links below to see the puzzle. There is also a key, although the puzzle is very simple so you probably don’t need it.

This puzzle would also make a good gathering activity for a meeting. Although it is specifically for this Wolf achievement, it would go with the environmental lessons for any of the ranks.

This puzzle was create with my Our Living World list on A2Z Puzzler. You can use this list to create other puzzles, like crosswords and word searches, also.


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