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Follow the Dribbler Soccer Drill

When working with young Scouts, simpler is usually better. Every den has at least one or two boys who really find it unbearable to sit through lengthy instructions. Follow the Dribbler is a really simple soccer drill which can be used with a soccer or sports themed meeting. It provides a fun way for your Cub Scouts to run off some energy during a den meeting and to practice their soccer skills.

You don’t have to confine your boundaries to a field. One of the funniest executions of this drill I ever saw went through the school playground. Just tell your Scouts which areas are off limits at the beginning.

Follow the Dribbler


  • 1 soccer ball for each participant


  1. Explain the boundaries of the game first. If you don’t want them dribbling their balls across the street, now is the time to tell them.
  2. Let one Scout be the leader. The other Scouts line up behind him.
  3. The leader dribbles the ball, making sharp turns or avoiding obstacles . He can be as creative as he likes. The others follow him, dribbling their balls and trying to imitate him as closely as possible.
  4. Switch leaders every couple of minutes. Make sure everyone gets a chance to lead.
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