Ideas for August Pack Meeting – Honesty

The core value for Cub Scouts for the month of August is Honesty. According to the program helps honesty is:

Telling the truth and being worthy of trust. A Scout is honest. As boys have fun and interact in their den and pack, they learn that honesty can simply be defined as a refusal to lie, cheat, or steal in any way. Honesty is simply the truth.

So how can you fit this into your pack program? Here are some ideas:

  • Have a fishing outing. Discuss the importance of following local fishing regulations.
  • Visit a newspaper or TV station. Discuss how honesty is important when telling a story or reporting the news.
  • Visit or invite in somebody who works with digital media, such as MP3 downloads, movies,  or software. Talk about why downloading these without permission is a type of theft and how it hurts the copyright owners.
  • Play Steal the Bacon or Tell It Like It Isn’t. :-)

What are your ideas for honesty?

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