Assistant Senior Patrol Leader Description and Self Evaluation

Boy Scout Troops are led by the youth, not the adults. So it is important to understand the various youth leadership positions and how they work together. This article continues the series on youth leadership positions.

The Assistant Senior Patrol Leader is the second highest-ranking youth leader in the troop. He is appointed by the Senior Patrol Leader with the approval of the Scoutmaster.
The Assistant Senior Patrol Leader acts as the Senior Patrol Leader in the absence of the Senior Patrol Leader or when called upon. He also provides direction to other youth leaders in the Troop.

The printable copy also includes a self evaluation form for the position. Our youth leaders self evaluate at least once during their term. We try to keep it positive with them, but it does help them recognize areas they should be working on.

Printable copy of Assistant Senior Patrol Leader Description and Self Evaluation

Assistant Senior Patrol Leader


  • Appointed by SPL with Scoutmaster approval
  • First Class Rank or higher
  • May not serve two consecutive terms

Reports to: Senior Patrol Leader

Assistant Senior Patrol Leader duties:

  • Help with leading meetings and activities as called upon by the Senior Patrol Leader.
  • Take over troop leadership in the absence of the Senior Patrol Leader.
  • Be responsible for training and giving direction to the following youth leaders: Scribe, Librarian, Historian, Quartermaster, Webmaster, Leave Not Trace Trainer, and Chaplain Aide.
  • Perform tasks assigned by the Senior Patrol Leader.
  • Serve as a member of the Patrol Leaders’ Council. Attendance expectation 65%
  • Participate in outings. Attendance expectation 65%
  • Attend troop meetings. Attendance expectation 65%
  • Set a good example.
  • Wear the field uniform (class A) correctly to all regular troop meetings and religious services.
  • Wear the activity uniform (class B t-shirt) to all outings and other troop activities.
  • Live by the Scout Oath and Law.
  • Show Scout spirit.
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