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Book Review Part 5: Developing Teen Leadership

I was recently asked to review a book on teen leadership. The book is called Developing Teen Leadership: A Practical Guide for Youth Group Advisors, Teachers and Parents. It is written by Dan Appleman who has 20 years of experience working with youth.

Today, I am reviewing Part 5 of the book – For Teachers and Parents. You can read my review of the first four sections here:

You can learn more about the book on Amazon.

This final section of the book looks at how parents and teachers can apply the advice presented earlier in the book in their own unique roles to teens. It includes some caveats. For example, a teacher might be limited in how much control he can really allow teens to have in a classroom.  It also includes some encouragement for parents and teachers, such as a reminder that parents are always a teens greatest role model.

There is also an interesting “Driver’s Handout” in the appendix. As I mentioned before, BSA has specific rules about youth driving. (See the Transportation section of the Guide to Safe Scouting.) But driving is a hot topic with teens and something they really like to talk about. “Are you driving yet?” is a question I hear them asking each other. This appendix would make a good starting point for a seminar or discussion about driving.  I might hand this off to our Crew president and see if she wants to do anything with this topic.

Overall, I found this book very useful. While there are some things I might do a little differently, I found that reading the book made me think about how I interact with teens and consider what my real reasons are for doing this or that with them.

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