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Book Review Part 2: Developing Teen Leadership

I was recently asked to review a book on teen leadership. The book is called Developing Teen Leadership: A Practical Guide for Youth Group Advisors, Teachers and Parents. It is written by Dan Appleman who has 20 years of experience working with youth.

Today, I am reviewing Part 2 of the book – Techniques. You can read my review of the first section here:

Developing Teen Leadership – Guiding Principles

I will review the other parts of the book in later posts. You can learn more about the book on Amazon.

Part 2: Techniques

This part of the book gets into the specifics. The chapters in this section tend to be only a few pages each, but they are straightforward and direct. Each addresses techniques you can use when you find yourself in a difficult situation. I will give a complete list of the chapters in this section at the bottom of the post.

For example, the first chapter in this section, Positive-Negative-Positive, addresses how to handle a confrontation. The author advises to start with a complement, address the problem, and then end with something positive.  Then he gives some examples and some practical advice.

I’d like to add, that while this book is aimed at adults who are working with teens, many of the techniques in this part would work well for interactions between youth also. So this would serve as a good reference for the Scoutmaster who is teaching leadership techniques to the SPL and ASPL in a Boy Scout troop or for the Crew Advisor who is doing the same for the Venture crew officers.

So here are the ideas covered in part 2 of the book:

  • Positive-negative-positive
  • Sticks and stones
  • The power of indirection
  • Don’t be the boss
  • Listening
  • Ask permission to offer advice
  • Explore options, but leave the decision with them
  • Be explicit
  • Explain every decision
  • Don’t yell
  • Choose your battles
  • Mistakes and failure
  • Get help
  • Group problem solving
  • Principles of leadership
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