Tiger Den Meeting Plan – Bobcat Badge

When a new Tiger den is formed, the first advancement step is for them to earn their Bobcat badge. This den meeting focuses on the requirements for Bobcat. It also throws in plenty of fun. Since this will be their first Cub Scout meeting, don’t make it all work, work, work.

Also, get off to a good start by helping the adult partners understand that they are active participants. Don’t let them just stand off to the side observing. Engage them in the activities. Sometimes you even have to take the direct approach and say “I think Bobby really needs your help with this activity.”

Tiger Den Meeting Plan – Bobcat Badge

Gathering Activity – Make  Paper Bag Puppets - Fulfills Tiger Elective 21 – The Show Must Go On (Remember – the Tigers and their adult partners should work on this together!)

Opening Ceremony – Say the Pledge of Allegiance


Welcome the Tigers and their adult partners and give them a brief orientation to the Tiger program.

Do the Honesty Character Connection – Bobcat Requirement 1

Play the Show Me the Truth game

Introduce the other Bobcat requirements:

  • Cub Scout promise
  • Law of the Pack
  • What Webelos means
  • Cub Scout sign
  • Cub Scout handshake
  • Cub Scout motto
  • Cub Scout salute

A large poster or dry erase board might be helpful for this.

Play the Bobcat Dice Roll game

A couple of the Tiger electives fit in well with Bobcat requirement 8. Do Tiger Elective 26 – Phone Manners and Tiger Elective 27 – Emergency.

If time and space permits, let the Tigers spend a few minutes playing an active game, like tag.

Recognition and Announcements

Remind the adult partners that parents need to complete requirement 8 for the Bobcat badge with the Tigers. Parents need to do the youth protection exercises at the beginning of the book with their Tigers. They should report back to you when they have completed the requirement.

Closing – Say a simple prayer of thanksgiving


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