Shooting Troop Program Feature for Boy Scouts

One of the resources which BSA provides for Boy Scout troops is a set of troop program feature guides. Youth leaders can use these guides to plan a series of meetings and outings around a single theme.  You can read more about the various themes available in my post Troop Program Features for Meetings and Outings.

Our troop is planning a shotgun shooting outing in August, so they will probably be looking at some of the ideas in the Shooting program feature. Shooting is always a popular activity with the Scouts and they will enjoy it more if they are prepared. So hopefully the youth leadership will present some information to prepare them in the meetings leading up to the outing.

If your troop is planning on doing a shooting activity, you should note that you will need an adult with the proper certification. Check with your local council for details.

You can find this resource on the website on the Troop Program Features page. The shooting program feature can be found in Volume 3 on that page. The program feature guide includes general plans for four meetings and and outing.

Youth leaders who are using these plans should look at them as a resource rather than a cookie cutter way to do things. Part of leadership is taking an idea and making it fit your own unit. For example, the plans cover archery, rifles, shotguns, and muzzle-loaders. Our youth leadership might want to just focus on shotguns.

So if your troop is planning to do some shooting sports over the summer, check out this resource. It will serve as a good jumping of point for planning.

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