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Spring Camporee

My Webelos had a great weekend at our district Spring Camporee.  Three of my four Webelos attended. Fortunately the severe weather which had been predicted earlier for late Saturday afternoon passed to the south of us, so we did not have to bug out early. The field was wet and muddy and there was some rain, but that didn’t dampen their spirits.

In the past, Webelos and Boy Scouts have usually camped separately at our district camporees. When I got there, I asked which area was for Webelos, and they said we could camp anywhere. I asked “So we can camp with our troop?” and staff said “Yes, we encourage it.”  Yeah!

The Webelos stuck together for the most part, but did interact with the older scouts hanging around the campfire. Plus my son DS, who is a Webelos den chief, was camping with the troop, so he was available a little bit to help instruct them with camp skills. And by camping with them we fulfilled part of Arrow of Light Requirement 4. We will camp again with them sometime before they cross over, but that will probably be cabin camping in December.

The Webelos really enjoyed the camporee games. Their favorite was the fire building. The troop had participated in a fire building competition for Boy Scouts earlier in the day. They had prepared quite a few “snot balls” (cotton balls with petroleum jelly). They gave their leftover snot balls to the Webelos to use at their fire building activity and the Webelos really had fun using them.

Overall, my Webelos den really had a great time. And now all four of them have signed up for summer camp in June. It is fun to take them camping when they are so enthusiastic.

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