Wolf Achievement 10 – Family Fun

For most Cub Scouts, this will be an easy achievement to do at home with their families. Our family has “game night” once every weekend where we sit down and play a board game together. So requirement 10g was always a piece of cake.  And we like to go hiking, so 10c also comes naturally. And the other options are very reasonalbel also. That just leaves the Character Connection, which just takes a few minutes.

But what if you are the den leader and you have one of those families in your den which never seems to be able to complete the requirements at home? Try planning a family day at a local park for your den. Every Wolf should be asked to bring at least one family member, but more could participate. It doesn’t have to be long – an hour will work. Go for a walk together, play Eagle Golf (see the book), and do the Character Connection.  Done! Yes, it would be nice if all of the families would do some of the work on their own, but sometimes you have some in a den who just need a little help.

Requirements for Wolf Achievement 10 – Family Fun

Complete this:

10a. Complete the Character Connection for Cooperation.

  • Know . Discuss these questions with your family: What is “cooperation”? Why do people need to cooperate when they are doing things together? Name some ways that you can be helpful and cooperate with others.
  • Commit. Discuss with your family what makes it hard to cooperate. How do listening, sharing, and persuading help us cooperate?
  • Practice. Practice being cooperative while doing the requirements for “Family Fun.”

And do two of these
10b. Make a game like one of the ones shown in the handbook. Play it with your family. (Eagle Golf, Bean Bag Archery, see Scouter Mom’s site for more games you can make.)
10c. Plan a walk. Go to a park or a wooded area, or visit a zoo or museum with your family.
1od. Read a book or Boys’ Life magazine with your family. Take turns reading aloud.
10e. Decide with Akela. what you will watch on television or listen to on the radio.
10f. Attend a concert, a play, or other live program with your family.
10g. Have a family Board Game night at home with members of your family.

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