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Bear Den Meeting Plan – Native American Games

My Bear den meeting is on Tuesday and it looks like things are coming together. My meeting plan is below. I always like to plan more activities than I think I’ll need. That way if something just isn’t working out with the group, we can just move on to something different.

This meeting will focus on Native American games. So it will fulfill part of Bear Acheivement 15 – Games, Games, Games and part of Bear Elective 24 – American Indian Life. Some of the planned activities don’t fulfill any requirements. Enrichment activities seem to make the meetings more fun. If we are just racing through the meetings trying to check off as many requirements as we can, they don’t seem to enjoy it as much.

Click on the links in the plan to get printable copies for the activities.

Bear Den Meeting Plan: Native American Games

  1. Gathering activity – decorate dice for Hubbub – Native American Dice Game
  2. Open with Pledge of Allegience
  3. Play  Hubbub – Native American Dice Game
  4. Snack: Popcorn
  5. Play Picaria
  6. Short native American story – How Opossum Got His Bare Tail
  7. Recognition – hand out recognition beads
  8. Play Pahsaheman
  9. Announcements
  10. Prayer –  Native American Prayer – Chief Sealth
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