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Scoutmaster Clarke Greene – of The Scoutmaster Podcast fame – is developing a database of high adventure destinations.  I love the idea! Adding a little adventure to a program keeps older Scouts engaged.

I hope the mid section of the country gets filled in over time. Currently it looks like most of the sites are on the periphery. And while we have some beautiful country just south of here in the Ozarks, it would be great to know of any Scout high adventure programs in the area, for both our Boy Scout Troop and our coed Venture Crew. The youth I am working with seem to carry through on their plans more if they can start with a program rather than planning adventures from scratch.

So go check it out! And if you are not a subscriber to his podcast, give that a listen while you are there also. This is definitely one of my favorite Scout podcasts. As you might guess by the name, it is focused on the Boy Scout program.

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