Venturing Bronze Award

Venturing Bronze Award

The Venturing program offers a flexible recognition program to meet the interests of its members. The first award Venturers work on is the Bronze award. Five different Bronze awards are available:

  • Sports
  • Religious Life
  • Arts and Hobbies
  • Outdoor
  • Sea Scout

A Venturer may earn one or more of these awards. The Bronze award itself is a bronze colored medal on a green and white ribbon. A device is attached to the ribbon for each bronze award earned.

Our Crew has not really focused on earning awards. They have been mostly focused on planning and carrying out activities. But as the Crew grows, I think it is possible that some of the members might become interested in these. Like many awards in Scouting, they reflect what the members are already doing. So it seems appropriate to recognize them.

So I am going to start looking into the Venturing recognition program and see how it might fit into our Crew program.

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