Webelos Engineer Activity Badge

Webelos Engineer Activity Badge Den Meeting Plan Part 1

My background is in engineering, so the Webelos Engineer activity badge and the Scientist activity badge are my favorites.

When we were working on the Engineer activity badge, I told my Webelos that engineering is all about looking at a problem, considering the resources at your disposal, and then finding a solution. In keeping with that way of thinking, the activities I did for this badge were very “free form”. I described what we were trying to accomplish and laid out a bunch of materials to work with. Then I let the Webelos use the materials to come up with their own solutions.

Some of them worked on their own and some in pairs. I gave them some pointers here and there about what to consider, but for the most part I let them go. And they came up with some interesting solutions. They really liked being able to try out their own ideas instead of just being told what to build. And that gave them a good idea of what many engineering jobs require.

If you are not an engineer, find somebody who is to come help with this meeting. That will help your Webelos fulfill requirement 1 and you will have somebody there who is comfortable speaking about the concepts involved and giving your Webelos some guidance.

Printable copy of Webelos Den Meeting Plan for Engineer Activity Badge – Part 1 (includes timeline)

Webelos Engineer Activity Badge Den Meeting Plan Part 1


Arrange for an engineer, surveyor, or architect to come to the meeting to speak about what he or she does.

Your will need to gather these materials beforehand:

  • A US flag for an opening ceremony
  • Materials for the bridge building activity and the catapult activity
  • Printouts for the meeting
  • Graph paper to send home for floor plans

Gathering Activity


Flag ceremony (Webelos Badge Requirement 6 for the Scout leading the ceremony)


  • Introduce your guest and have them talk about engineering. Make a list of all of the different things engineers do (Engineer activity badge requirement 1)
  • Discuss and make drawings of different kinds of bridges. (See the Webelos handbook)
  • Do the  Bridge Building Activity (Engineer activity badge requirement 7)
  • Do the  Spoon Catapult Activity (Engineer activity badge requirement 9)

Announcements and Closing

  • Hand out recognitions
  • Announcements for upcoming pack and den events
  • Hand out graph paper. Explain how they can make a floor plan of their homes. Tell them to bring the floor plan back to the next meeting. (Engineer activity badge requirement 2)


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6 Responses to Webelos Engineer Activity Badge Den Meeting Plan Part 1

  1. Rich April 25, 2011 at 4:47 PM #

    Question about the spoon catapult – how successful were the boys in getting anything to work in 20 minutes? Looking up catapult ideas, they all seem to take half an hour or more, with the directions.

    • Scouter Mom April 25, 2011 at 6:41 PM #

      They were all able to build something which at least shot something a few feet. They worked in pairs and I had a lot of different supplies for them to try out. They seemed to get the hang of it pretty quickly. They didn’t look very “put together” like the designs you see in books, but they all worked to some degree.

  2. Rich April 26, 2011 at 4:34 PM #

    So, craft sticks and rubber bands and spoons and the like?

    • Scouter Mom April 26, 2011 at 5:11 PM #

      Yes. I also brought some small aluminum loaf pans, small shoeboxes, plastic bottles, etc. I have a real box of junk I take to meetings like this. This might be part of the reason they were able to put them together fairly quickly. Most of them stuck a pencil through the loaf pan to act as the fulcrum and then concentrated on figuring out how to attach the spoons and use the rubber bands to apply force. With some mini catapult designs there is a lot more time spent in building the base than the working parts.

  3. Jamie November 28, 2012 at 2:26 PM #

    You should link up the 2nd part to this badge

  4. Nathan February 26, 2014 at 11:41 AM #

    We just did this activity this week. I worked with the local high school’s industrial technology director to show different kinds of machining equipment such as cnc mills, lathes and laser engravers. We had Webelos logo coasters engraved in acrylic to hand out to the kids. As an engineer, I was able to talk to them about the different engineering fields and what an engineer does. After building catapults, we used the freeware program “West Point Bridge Designer” to show how a bridge is designed and tested the strength of the kids designs. We troubleshooted each failure to make them pass. The kids enjoyed this meeting a lot.

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