Webelos AOL Game Design

Webelos/AOL Elective Adventure Requirements: Game Design

This is a preview of one of the new Cub Scout requirements which will go into effect in the 2015-2016 program year. See the BSA Program Updates page for complete information.

Game Design is one of the Webelos/Arrow of Light elective adventures. In the current Webelos program it is most like the  Video Games Belt Loop and Pin.

For the Game Design adventure, Webelos create a game and teach somebody else how to play it. They also learn about Internet safety.

The requirement for this adventure are shown below. Upon completion of this adventure, Webelos will receive a pin.

Webelos/AOL Adventure Requirements: Game Design

Do all of these:

  1. Decide on the elements for your game. Below are four elements that make up a game. These will get you started on what to include in your game design.
  2. List at least five of the online safety rules that you put into practice while using the Internet on your computer or smartphone. Skip this if your Cyber Chip is current.
  3. Create your game.
  4. Teach an adult or another Scout how to play your game.
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  1. Michelle August 18, 2014 at 7:42 AM #

    Can Webelo 2’s do this for the 2014-2015 year? We have a small group and I’m a little unsure about having 1’s & 2’s together now that things are changing.

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