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February Cub Scout Theme – Litter to Glitter (Resourcefulness)

BSA offers supplemental pack program ideas for each month. One theme for the February core value of Resourcefulness is a Litter to Glitter theme.

Here is what the  program helps say about this theme:

Resourcefulness is using resources to their fullest. Part of being resourceful is learning not to be wasteful and to recycle items to make something new and wonderful from something old. Used items can also be repurposed, or used for something other than their original purpose. One example is using an empty tissue box to store recyclable plastic grocery bags that you can then use as wastebasket liners. By being resourceful we also help take care of our planet by converting litter we have into useful objects, thus turning litter into glitter.

So this theme will revolve around thinking of new ways to use things we might otherwise toss away.  Below you’ll find some ways to form your pack and den programs around this theme.

See my Litter to Glitter page for more ideas related to this theme.

February Cub Scout Theme – Litter to Glitter (Resourcefulness)

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