Ideas for February Cub Scout Theme – Resourcefulness

The February Cub Scout theme features the core value of  resourcefulness. The program helps give this explanation of resourcefullness: “Using human resources and other resources to their fullest. Cub Scouts will gain the knowledge and the means to meet situations effectively whether they are working on a service project or completing a den activity.”

So how can we incorporate resourcefulness into our February pack program?

  • Honor your adult leaders and Den Chiefs – they are great human resources!
  • Study famous inventors who used the materials they had to come up with something new
  • Webelos can work on the Engineer activity badge
  • Bring in old magazines, egg cartons, boxes, and other “junk” items. Give your Cub Scouts some glue and tape and let them use the items to make a 3-D “self portrait”.
  • Give your scouts a simple problem and a variety of materials. Let them work in teams to come up with a solution.

What are your ideas for promoting resourcefulness with Cub Scouts?

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  1. Cathy Knowlson February 22, 2012 at 12:55 PM #

    I just joined Scouts and am enjoying your blog. I am responsible for the Pack Meeting this month and came up with a fun activity to demonstrate and engage the boys in resourceful thinking. It’s pretty simple:
    1. Divide the boys in teams.
    2. Provide a pile of objects for each team.
    3. Instruct the boys they need to move the pile from that location to another location.
    4. Have them repeat this three times, with each time requiring a different method using the resources they have available in the room. (We will stage some helpful items).

    It’ll be fun to see what they come up with on their own. We’ll also share with them other ideas they may not thing of, like asking their parent to move the objects. :-).

    Appreciate your blog as part of my resources this month. Thank you.

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