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Reverse Tracking Tool for Webelos Advancement

Tracy sent in this question:

Hello. I am wondering if you know of a tool I can use to quickly determine if an activity/event in the community I would like my den to attend corresponds/matches-up with a requirement toward an Activity Badge for Webelos.
I look through our local paper each week for events, programs, etc. that would benefit the boys in my den. However, I’m not always sure what I’m considering will ‘count’ toward an advancement requirement without having to search the entire Webelos handbook each time.
In other words, I’m looking for a reverse requirements tool. Instead of checking off a completed requirement in a tracking spreadsheet, I could enter the topic of the event I want the boys to attend and see if it meets any of their requirements.
Then I could efficiently link the community activity with advancement and work with the boys to see the correlation between the event we attend and the requirement it meets. Please don’t get me wrong, I’m not trying to be lazy, just efficient. I work full time, have a child who is involved in several afterschool activities and have a small herd of goats.

Tracy, that is an interesting question. I am sure other busy Cub Scouters appreciate it. I don’t know of any tool like that, but maybe some of my readers do.  This seems like something which might best be compiles at the district or council level since activities will vary from one area to another. This might make an interesting Woodbadge ticket for somebody.

Readers, if you are aware of a tool like this, please add it to the comments below.

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  1. Justin October 14, 2014 at 11:30 AM #

    I haven’t heard of anything like this. My understanding on events/advancement is that if the program of the event benefits someone else as well as those in your den/pack, then it will count towards advancement. for example a fund raising walk done for a charity group (like Breast Cancer or MS), done as a group, and the money raised is donated to the charity, it counts as service hours or a den/pack service project.

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