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November Cub Scout Theme – Your Vote Counts (Citizenship)

BSA offers supplemental pack program ideas for each month. One theme for the November core value of Citizenship s a Your Vote Counts theme.

Here is what the  program helps say about this theme:

Patriotism is an important part of good citizenship. Patriotism is love of and loyalty to our country. It involves honoring the democratic ideals on which this country is based and respecting and obeying its laws. It also involves accepting the responsibilities of good citizenship, such as staying informed about national issues, voting, and volunteering. We don’t often think about teaching our Cub Scouts about voting because of their age and the fact that it will be many years before they can vote. We can, however, explain the importance of voting. If we mentor them by our actions, then the responsibility of good citizenship by voting will become more meaningful as they grow.

You can add some fun to this theme by having your own “election”. Have a mock election of some sort. For young Cub Scouts, keep it light. Let them vote on which game they will play at the end of the pack meeting. Or create some silly leader position and have them elect one of the adults to it.

November Cub Scout Theme – Your Vote Counts (Citizenship)

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