Boy Scout Leave No Trace Award

The LNT award has been replaced by the Outdoor Ethics Award. Use that award instead.

Since yesterday’s post was somewhat related to Leave No Trace, I thought I’d post the requirements for Boy Scouts for the Leave No Trace award. Boy Scouts will complete a couple of these requirements while working their way toward Eagle Scout.

Note that these are different than the requirements for Cub Scouts and for Scouters. If you are working with Cub Scouts, check out my Cub Scout Leave No Trace page instead.

There is additional information available from the Scouting.org website and on the Leave No Trace website.

Boy Scout Leave No Trace Award Requirements

  1. Recite and explain in your own words the principles of Leave No Trace, and discuss how an ethical guideline differs from a rule.
  2. On three separate camping trips with your troop or team, demonstrate and practice the Leave No Trace skills appropriate to the trip.
  3. Earn the Camping and Environmental Science merit badges.
  4. Participate in a Leave No Trace-related service project that reduces or rehabilitates recreational impacts. Discuss with your troop or team which recreational impacts were involved with the project.
  5. Give a 10-minute presentation on a Leave No Trace topic approved by your unit leader to a Scouting unit or other interested group.
  6. Teach a Leave No Trace-related skill to a Scouting unit or other interested group.
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