October Pack Meeting – Good Manners Belt Loop (Responsibility)

I just heard from our Cubmaster. The core value for October is Responsibility. So we are going to let the Cub Scouts work on the Good Manners belt loop. Last month we had a speaker from CHAMP assistance dogs. She gave a very nice demonstration with one of her dogs and the kids were fascinated. And she sent a thank you note via school for a donation the Pack gave her. So we can lead off with her example of a thank you note.

Then, to earn the belt loop, the scouts need to make a poster listing five good manners, learn how to introduce people correctly, and write a thank you note. (See below for a link to the complete requirements.)

Most of our Webelos have already earned their Good Manners belt loop, so we will give them the option of earning their Communicating belt loop instead. It happens that we are working on Communicator this month, and that is one of the requirements. Plus, the belt loop requirements match up nicely. They also have to make a poster and write a note to somebody.  They also need to tell a short story. (Once again, see below for the complete requirements.)

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  1. Lorie September 29, 2010 at 7:28 AM #

    Great idea for this month, thanks!. I was unable to download the Good Manners Belt loop and pin information from your link, can you check it?

    • Scouter Mom September 29, 2010 at 8:30 AM #

      Thanks for letting me know. I fixed it.

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