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When Must Belt Loop and Pin Requirement Be Fulfilled

Emily sent in this question

In working on BL and pin requirements, do the scouts need to complete the requirements during a current “year” (their Wolf or Bear year for example)? Or can they work on the requirements throughout their entire year in scouts. I had a den leader turn in a bicycling BL for a boy who refuses to bike and therefore did not complete requirement 3 of riding for at least half an hour. She says she’s sure he’s ridden for half an hour sometime in the last 2 years. Thanks for your help.

Emily is referring to the belt loops and pins which can be earned in the Academics and Sports program. The requirements are not year specific, so we have always allowed our Cub Scouts to work on the requirements at any time since they joined Cub Scouting.

The only exception is when Webelos are earning belt loops and pins to fulfill activity badge requirements. In this case, they must do all of the requirements since becoming Webelos. This is true even if they have earned the belt loop or pin in the past as a Tiger, Wolf, or Bear.

This will be a moot point soon since the Academics and Sports program will be discontinued as of May 2015.

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