Thank You Note

Thank You Ceremony

I found this ceremony in some old program helps. I thought it would go well with the Cub Scouts Give Thanks supplemental program theme for April.

Thank You Ceremony

Let the Cub Scouts prepare eight large placards, each with a large letter painted on it to match the initial letter of each verse. As each verse is recited by a Cub, the proper letter is displayed so that at the end of the eight verses, the words “Thank You” are visible to all.

Cub 1: “T- stands for teacher, ours bear the test, as a Pack – we promise ‘We’ll do our best.’ “
Cub 2: “H – is for helpful, which we try to be as each helps the other in the highest degree.”
Cub 3: “A – for advantages we all enjoy, we try to be grateful and wisely employ.”
Cub 4: “N – is for nation whose future depend, on all of us in the pack who want to be friends.”
Cub 5: “K – is for knowledge we’re going to need. We’ll work hard to gain it and hope we succeed.”
Cub 6: “Y – is for youth all over the land. God bless and keep us and steady our hand.”
Cub 7: “O – for opportunity around everyone. We”ll grasp and hold tightly until we have won.”
Cub 8: “U – stand for usefulness, we like to serve. We do what we can all praise to deserve.”

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