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BSA Wolf Supplemental Den Meeting Plan K – Be an Artist

BSA provides Wolf den meeting plans for Cub Scout den leaders. Today’s plan is a supplemental den meeting plan in which Wolf Cub Scouts learn about colors and communicating through art.  This plan covers part of  Wolf Elective 12 – Be an Artist.

If you don’t already have the BSA den meeting plans, download BSA Supplemental Wolf Den Meeting Plan K  to follow along with this article.

Wolf Den Meeting Plans –  Be an Artist

Preparation and Before the Meeting

Art can be messy, so meet in a location where you can paint, use markers, crayons, etc. Covering tables with vinyl tablecloths which wipe down easily can help with cleanup. You can always use the tablecloths again for future meetings even if they have some marks or stains on them.

Gathering, Opening, and Business

See my Gathering Activities page for ideas for the gathering time. Do an opening flag ceremony. You can also let them start making their cartoons for Elective 12b (see below) during the gathering time.


Do Elective 12b

Tell a story in three steps by drawing three cartoons

Give each Wolf a chance to share his cartoons and tell his story.

Next do Elective 12c

Mix yellow and blue paints, mix yellow and red, and mix red and blue. Tell what color you get from each mixture.

And finally Elective 12f

Make a poster for a Cub Scout project or a pack meeting.

This can be for anything you have coming up, such as a Blue and Gold banquet, Pinewood Derby, service project, outdoor activity. Do them far enough in advance of the activity that you can display them at a pack meeting before the event being publicized.


Do a closing flag ceremony.

After the Meeting

The Wolves should help clean up any mess made by their artistic endeavors and put away all supplies.

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