January Cub Scout Theme – Abracadabra (Positive Attitude)

You might have heard that BSA is once again providing theme based Pack meeting plans for Cub Scout leaders. I think this is a great move. While I didn’t use the theme based material much as a den leader, when my husband was Cubmaster we often just went straight to the theme based Pack meeting for our material.

So in addition to the generic core value based Pack meeting plans, there will also be about three different supplemental theme based plans available for each month. While the core value will still be the focus for the month, there will be a set of theme based activities to highlight the core value.

Rumor has it that BSA will be rolling out an Abracadabra theme for January’s core value of Positive Attitude some time in the near future. So this month I am going to highlight some ideas to go along with that magic based program theme also. This was one of the Cub Scout monthly program themes a few years back, so I’ll dig through my old notes to find what I saved.

This theme will really work out well for the Bears. They can work on  Bear Elective 13 – Magic. And requirement e for  Bear Achievement 22 – Tying It All Up is “Learn a magic rope trick.”  And Tigers can use some of this material for Tiger Elective 19 – Magic Fun when they do the requirement to “Learn a magic trick and show it to your family or den.

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  1. patty January 13, 2014 at 8:29 PM #

    this my very first meeting with the scouts and I am cub master,,ANY help,,I would like a game that helps me get to know them

    • Scouter Mom January 14, 2014 at 7:05 AM #

      This game doesn’t have to do with the Abracadabra theme, but it is a great getting to know you game:
      Faith and Our Ancestors Game
      You can change it around. Here is a similar getting to know you game which focuses on characteristics, hobbies, etc.
      Getting to Know You Bingo

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